"Leanpath is a company dedicated to preventing food waste. We use technology to gather evidence that shows us where to focus. And then we use our experience and culinary expertise to gently change behaviours."


Tom Mansel-Pleydell

Business Development Director, EMEA

Preventing food waste

Established in 2004 with a mission to eliminate food waste in commercial kitchens, Leanpath was the pioneer and remains the global leader in food waste measurement and prevention. Prevention is the only strategy that stops waste from happening at all.  While diversion to compost or food recovery or donations have their place, they only deal with food waste after it is created, after a kitchen has incurred the cost and after it has had a substantial environmental impact.  Prevention provides the most financial and environmental benefits of any solution in the food waste hierarchy.

Leanpath and food service professionals

Food service professionals look to Leanpath when they are: 
1. Committed to understanding and reducing their food waste over the long term
2. Looking for a disciplined and integrated approach to changing those behaviours in their kitchens that lead to food being wasted
3. Facing legislative or regulatory pressure to cut waste
4. Facing increasing internal and external pressures to cut the costs and reduce the environmental and social impacts associated with food waste
Leanpath’s range of smart, internet-connected weigh-scales are designed to measure both kitchen and plate waste.  A range of scales is available providing cost effective solutions for kitchens both large and small. 
A touch-screen tablet, programmed with customer specific food categories and prices and a camera connected to the scale are used to capture: 
1. The type of food that is being thrown away and its value
2. Why it is being thrown away: overproduction, spoilage, handling error, expiry, trim waste, etc.
3. Where it has come from: the hot line, cold line, grill, bakery, etc. 
4. Where it is going to: landfill, composting, energy-to-waste, donation etc.
The categories are defined together with our clients. They reflect the way they operate and what they are looking to achieve.

Analyzing food waste data

These data are analysed through Leanpath Online – our cloud-hosted reporting and analytics software  - to identify the best opportunities for interventions that will prevent food waste from occurring.  Our coaching staff – food service professionals with backgrounds in F&B, procurement and operations as well as professional chefs - then work with kitchen staff and culinary managers to put in place the actions to deliver those improvements. Leanpath is installed in over 4,000 commercial kitchens in over 40 countries, currently preventing 1kg of food waste every 2 seconds.